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Calista Archambeault, Site Owner

  • Approve new staff
  • Approve new rooms
  • Approve new banners
  • Upkeep site design and graphics

m i c h a e l & B.4.T.0, Sr Admin

  • assist mods
  • assist chatters with technical site issues (can't enter rooms, membership feature problems)
  • creation & installation of new features
  • technical advice and troubleshooting
  • restart the site as needed
  • server maintenance

The Imaginarians: The Daz, PII & Holiday

  • make room entrances or make existing entrances pretty. Please note, if you use this service and later move your room, the Imaginarian's work belongs to IC and must stay here.
  • help edit room pulldowns
  • answer questions about membership perks and how to use different site features!
  • restart the site as needed
  • help new room leaders get through the room-opening process (or even the room -moving process if coming from another site!)!
  • create new site graphics and banners
  • orchestrate site events
  • manage The Designers, IC's new exclusive AV Makers
  • assist mods
  • assist chatters with technical site issues (can't enter rooms, membership feature problems)

You may contact any member of the site through the IC Forums. The Imaginarians have their own section HERE.

Site Moderators are available for any room and may be contacted through the message boards or by entering the room they are in. Mods appear in RED on the whochat. The purpose of moderators is not to "police" role play, but to create and/or maintain an atmosphere conducive to roleplay. Moderators are chosen by the members of the room that they represent and are often (though not always) room leaders. Final approval is made by members of staff. Please note also that Room Leaders of rooms on the Personal Property whochat are moderators for their room only and do not represent in any way. They are there to uphold site rules in their rooms as well as their own room rules for their room only. If you have any questions regarding staffing decisions, please contact Calista.