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Role Play Primer


Pronunciation: (rOl'plA") —v.t. 1. to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), esp. in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction: Management trainees were given a chance to role-play labor negotiators. 2. to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role: trainees role-playing management positions. —v.i. to engage in role-playing.

The Lingo:

RT- "real time": This refers to your real physical existence, the *player* and their life outside the "Game" of role-play.

VT- "virtual time": This refers to your 'time' online, the people you meet here and the things you do when you're here.

OOC- Out of Character: This means that you are speaking to others as your "player" - the person at the keyboard. It can also refer to knowledge your "player" has that your "character" does not. For example: you've talked to the player of the character "Wilbur" and the player told you that "Wilbur" has a bad knee, it's his major weak spot. If you were to go into the rooms and your character - without learning this information "himself" and without a reason of established rp- immediately attacks Wilbur's bum knee, it is considered very bad form.

IC - In Character: This means that you - the player- are currently playing out your "character". You've left reality and you're acting as your character would. It also refers to knowledge that your character has gained on his own during a role-play session. A common pitfall that new role-players make is to get their OOC and their IC emotions and knowledges mixed up. For instance, just because that hot little vamp girl is coming on to your big stud vamp doesn't mean that her player wants to make a date for real life 'nookie" later.

NPC- Non-Player Character: A role-play device, it refers to characters that are inconsequential. Perhaps you are a vampire, you're in NY and you want to role- play that your vampire is feeding. ((It's generally considered bad form to kill other character mortals just for feeding purposes, by the way.)) You might use an NPC for this situation. An example post: "seeing the young woman all alone, I approach her...clamping my hand over her mouth as I lean in to bite her neck" If that young woman is not played by another person, she is considered an "NPC".

The Masq- The Masquerade: A term coined by the White Wolf Gaming company, this refers to the pretense some vampires make of being still alive to fool other mortals and protect themselves from being hunted for what they really are. The Masquerade is one of the biggest rules of "The Traditions".

Discs- Disciplines: These are 'powers' that various types of characters have. ((This is a WW Gaming System Term.)) Also boons, gifts, rites, psionics.

WW- White Wolf: Refers to the company who publishes gaming system books such as Vampire The Masquerade, etc. Click here to visit their site. Also refers to people and rooms that play strictly by these rules.

DM- Death Match: Refers to a fight between characters that have decided to fight until there is a clear cut winner and one character is "dead".

FS- Free Style: Meaning that this type of role-play adheres to little if any set gaming system rules be it for character creation, character powers or fighting rules.

avs- Avatars: The pictures players use to represent their characters in the room.

PM - Private Message: Using the "privately whispers to" drop down to deliver a message that only the selected person can see. Highly recommended for any and all OOC talking so that Role-play is not disturbed.

Some Advice for New Comers:

1- Putting an *o* after your name and watching a room for a while to get the "feel" for it not only keeps other players from hassling you, it gives you some time to watch how RP goes in that particular room.

2- Check out more than one room at different times, with varied schedules and the site being open 24 hours, you will see different players and stories.

3- If you're confused, don't be afraid to ask questions -preferably in PM. Site rules allow pms without permission and we encourage you to do so in order to keep congesting the public role-play with OOC talking. Some of the best resources are the room leaders, moderators or site admins.

4- Play out your own personal story line. This gives other players a chance to see you, see your style and get to know you. It may mean playing by yourself for a while, but eventually you'll have others coming to you. A lot of people feel very nervous about "butting" into the role-play of people already established in a story. If you see characters and stories that interest you, PM the characters and ask about joining in. It *never* hurts to ask.

5- Keep in mind there is usually a VAST difference between a player's character and their player. One person may have the meanest, rudest character you've ever seen and be a real friendly player OOC. Don't jump to conclusions. Keeping this in mind also helps you realize that 'attacks' or 'snubs' aren't directed at *you* the player personally. Also, just because someone's "character" likes your "character" doesn't mean that the players are a Real Time love match.

6- Don't let anyone bully you into accepting a role play you're not enjoying or a situation that doesn't feel right. You can play with whomever you like if the other is willing.

7- If you find yourself upset or overly emotional about a role play, don't feel bad. It happens to everyone. This is the time to turn off the computer and step away.

8- Read the "Role Player's Creed". It will guide you.

9- Don't feel you have to create the most powerful character in the realms to 'survive'. Look for others who play in the style you like and join them. Everytime someone creates a "God" makes the next person have to try to be even more powerful.

10- Be patient! In rooms where role-play is happening fast and furious, it may take time for the other players to notice you. Always give others the benefit of the doubt. If you go so long without a response, a Private Message to the person you want to join might help them notice your public post. Also, sometimes if a room is *really* quiet in posts in public, but names are visible on the drop downs, the people may be away from their keyboard or looking at another screen. Again, patience is a virtue.