Stadium of Tarn Room Rules

1. This is a Private room, invitation only. - This subroom is meant for members only and guest that have been invited by Marsellus or one of his Men.
You will be asked to leave one time, upon the second you will be booted from the room. Please adhere to this request, seek invite do not just enter.

Room Rules

Tarnburg is a Kill | Capture | Collar Zone. Mirror Rules Apply Here. If we cannot do it in your home, you cannot do it here.

Rules of the Home:

1. This is a Kill | Collar | Capture zone. - This is Gor, people can be collared or captured against their will. You are free to resist. All judgements will be done by Marsellus or a judge of his choosing.

2. All combat shall be defaulted to Prodigy Rules unless otherwise agreed upon before hand. Open Combat shall always default to Prodigy Rules. Open Combat and Raids that require a judgement shall be performed by Marsellus or a judge of his choosing.

3. Raids are welcomed, accepted and encouraged. We have adopted the above linked raid rules that we ask be followed, but we are willing to adjust in order to come to an agreement with as many potential raid partners that we can.

4. Anonymous names are not allowed here. Observing is no longer allowed, the -o- will no longer offer protection. All anonymous names will be asked to take a proper name, if this is not followed you will be given a warning to comply with room rules, a failure to do so from this point will get you booted.

5. Uncollared slaves are free game here. They can be force captured and collared by Members Only. Collared slaves will be captured. The owner of said slave will be notified and required to come pick up his/her property after a small fee has been paid. This fee is determined by the captor. If the owner doesn't come to pick up their property within 7 days of notification the slave will become the property of their captor.

6. OOC should be kept to a minimum. We are here to role play out Gor, not sit around chit chatting. You will be asked to take it to PM/Skype. If it persists you will be removed.

7. Free Women are welcome so long as they act accordingly. Escorts are not necessarily required but they are suggested either PCs or NPCs.

8. Assassins are welcome. However, marked assassins who attempt to fulfil. a contract here will be dealt with accordingly by the Men of Tarnburg.

9. Outlaws/Panthers are welcomed here under the condition they arrive in a realistic manner. Once in Tarnburg territory expect to be watched closely, new faces rarely go unnoticed.

10. Secondaries are not permitted within the walls of Tarnburg.