Raid Rules

Those of us here at Tarnburg wish to partake in and enjoy raids fairly frequently. If you wish to surprise us with a raid, please take a moment to look over these rules and then come rampaging in for a bit of fun. If something in these rules are not agreeable or you'd like to see something more relaxed or adjusted it is highly likely we'd be willing to work out adjustments on a home by home basis in order to promote more raiding for the enjoyment of all parties involved. ( The following has been used with the approval and permission of Vorenus)

" Note: In order to Raid Tarnburg You first must get there. Raiders are required to make (2) posts on the Outskirts and (2) posts in the Inner Voltai before You can reach the Tarnburg Territory. This goes with exiting properly."

Gorean Raid Rules:

1. Gorean raids may ensue at any moment. There is a requirement that one or more male combatants must be within Tarnburg before the raid begins. Gorean combats is defined by being a person of the home who is capable of fighting. For example, a male singer, while they could realistically pick up a sword, they do not count. Fighting slaves however do.

2. Raids shall continue for no longer than ninety minutes (1.5 hours) after the initial attack is made. The initial attack will be considered as happening when the first attack from one PC is made to an enemy PC. Attacks on NPCs during the approach to the raid do not count. This decision on when a raid officially begins helps to allow both sides to get organized and on the same page when starting the battle in hopes of the attacking force not feeling rushed and creating a confusing scenario.

3. Gorean raids are considered a nod to the long lost treasure of "Fun raids." Never should they be about a display of personal skill but of mutually enjoyable role-played violence in a Gorean setting for the fun of all parties involved. Using Prodigy rules during the raid to maintain post format is an option but not required. Combatants are free to engage in more "free form" role play instead of rigid rules for combat. You should throw some attacks, block some shots, bleed a little, make some people bleed a little, and make off with a bit of sweet sweet loot.

4. These battles are all about working together to give a little and take a little. To get your opponent to take some of your actions, you should accept some of actions that they are doing. Feel free to take a wound even though you could have blocked it. Turn a nasty thrust into a grazing cut. Show them you're not trying to "god mode" but instead are there for fun. Defenders feel free to let something be stolen. A pouch of gold or a fancy goblet doesn't need to be fought for tooth and nail as though it is your Homestone. If you've never been apart of a raid like this, hopefully you can ask someone who has about how much fun they can be and what you might expect to encounter.

5. Gorean raids shall contain no killing maiming or long lasting captures. All captives may not be collared, branded, shaved or raped. They can be treated roughly with things such as caging, chains, shackles, questioning via some interrogations, but each captive is due a distinct level of respect as role players who are there for mutual fun. That is the key, maintain the spirit of the fun raid for everyone involved. If captives wish to be subject to harsher treatment, they may agree to do so by their own free will and by the limits the set on a case by case basis.


1. Captures from our raiding system are done in a very simple, quick and non judged manner. During each raid, the attackers may make use of two (2) capture attempts. The defenders also have two (2) capture attempts to use against their attackers as they see fit.

  • 1. In order for a capture attempt to be made, the combatant attempting the capture must be engaged with the intended target. Fighting them, chasing after them down the stairs etc. The capturing party will then make a post explaining how they are trying to secure the capture. Perhaps a knock out blow, a net, tackling them etc. They will then roll a dice within the room on a 10 sided die. When the result comes up, odd will mean a capture attempt worked; even shall indicate that it has failed miserably. The process is mirrored for defenders attempting to capture attackers.
  • 2. There are a few requirements for being considered engaged with your capture victim. You are required to be on the same pull-down prior to the attempt for two posts followed by a post addressed to the victim that contains your capture attempt. Proper role play should be conducted for getting to the required pull down. Blipping from the docks to the "main hall" of a room should not be done without role play explaining your movements from location to location.
  • Example A: Raider going from the Thassa in one post to being in the Main Square with a capture post without any prior role play to fill those gaps is not considered valid. quis justo erat
  • Example B: Post 1: Raider sails through the Thassa. Post 2: Raider gets onto the docks. Post 3: Raider rushes down a town street. Post 4: Raider starts searching street vendor stalls for valuables. Post 5: Addressed to Lady Rolling Pin Wielder that you've spotted her and begin chasing her. Post 6: Capture attempt by trying to grab her from behind.
  • 3. If a capture attempt on a target fails, you are not allowed to use your second capture attempt on the same target. This applies equally to both attackers and defenders.

Raid Rules Continued - Rescues and the aftermath:

1. Rescue attempt rolls may be used during the battle. Such attempts will use up one of your available capture attempts. An example is if Rob raids Ebon Fortress who is already holding Lady Leather captive, Rob may attempt to rescue her with a dice roll attempt which then gives Rob's raid only 1 more capture attempt.

  • A. Rescue rolls are executed by the system in 6.2. Role play shall be required for getting to the captive's location, interacting with the captive and then a post attempting to free them. Then you must roll the dice, as per the above rule, odd means it has worked, even means it has been stopped.
  • B. A rescued person may not be recaptured during the same battle.

2. Those who are taken captive may not be held any longer than 48 hours unless they agree to a longer period. When raid battles have come to their end, the home who has lost the captive may elect to send forth an in-character messenger to discuss a ransom. Such messengers are not able to be held or detained while attempting to negotiate the ransom of an agreeable price. After 48 hours if the prisoner has not been ransomed or rescued they are free to role play their escape via any means they wish without any fuss being made or the holding party being able to force them to stay.

3. When the dust has settled and smoke has cleared each side should have the fun role play experiences of treating of wounds, checking that everyone is still accounted for, surveying the damage that has been done, putting our fires etc. Defenders shall not be raided twice in one night unless they consent to on going battles.

4. Those free women and slaves feeling brave with the strength of Lady Nyx flowing through their veins may elect to defend their homes and support their men as best they can. An assortment of Lady Nyx Inc. frying pans, rolling pins, and other assorted goodies should always be kept on hand! Gaining the attention of a raider with your actions is done at your own risk. Be ready to dodge those capture attempts!

5. While these are the rules that are the default for our home, if you'd like to work together to establish on going raids between our homes we are certainly willing to alter the rules on a case by case basis to help make everyone feel comfortable and accommodated. For an example if your home would prefer 24 hours for captives instead of 72, we can put into place a documented and agreed upon alteration between those two homes going forward.