"Dietrich of Tarnburg, of the high city of Tarnburg, some two hundred pasangs to the north and west of Hochburg, both substantially mountain fortresses, both in the more southern and civilized ranges of the Voltai, was well-known to the warriors of Gor."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 31

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It had been seized by the mercenary, Dietrich of Tarnburg, to forestall the march on Ar. Ar however, had failed to act.
"Magicians of Gor"

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The last time I had come to Ar, before this time, I had come with dispatches to Gnieus Lelius, the regent, from Dietrich of Tarnburg, from Torcadino.
"Magicians of Gor"

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Furthermore, it had had the winter to restore its siege train, the original train burned in Torcadino, fired by Dietrich of Tarnburg, and, because of its recent success in the field, west of Ar, it could draw on thousands of square pasangs for its logistical support.
"Magicians of Gor"

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"Good land is protected only by the swords of the strongest owners in the vicinity." (Tarnsman of Gor, p.27)
"Steel is the coinage of the warrior. With it he purchases what pleases him." (Marauders of Gor, p.10)
"Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits." (Marauders of Gor, p.10)

You've found yourself deep within the ranges of the Voltai, its sheer and impressive skyline of treacherous Red Mountains extend further than the eye could see, piercing the sky in all directions. Not only do you face the grim reality of being lost or attacked by the wild tarn that claims these mountains as home, but now you are within the territory of the well-known City of Tarnburg. Little is known to those that have not entered into the gates of the Fortress. Although its reputation among the Caste of Warriors extends to all the corners of Gor depicting a City known for its advancement in warfare techniques, defeating the odds, and boasting stories of legendary Mercenaries. As you approach the City, you would wonder if your eyes deceived you, unsure if what you looked upon was actually there, or simply an illusion. The vast expanse of red rock nearly hid the City from first glance, as the City was built from the Mountain, fashioned and constructed by the stone masons that first arrived here long ago. As you grew closer what you saw became more apparent, but rest assured, what you didn't see would be your greatest concern. You were being watched by the Tarnsmen of Tarnburg, Warrior guards that patrolled the sky vigilantly, constantly securing the airspace from the threats of an outsider or neighboring rivals. The City of Tarnburg was like no other. It's high cylinders built into the face of the mountain, low cylinders on a platform a half passang wide of solid rock. Construction was a marvel to the skills of the masons, whose first objective would be the City's defense. Thousands of strands of tarn wire would extend over the City from the wall of the mountain's face, covering and blanketing over the high and low cylinders, attached to the mountain itself, and to the stone constructed an outer wall that housed the entrance gate, the only known way into Tarnburg. Outside the gates laid another half passang of granite platform, the landing zone for those arriving and departing the City, which abruptly ended in a sheer drop down the mountains face. As you make your way onto the landing you are approached by guardsmen, asking you to state your business, and if deemed access to the City you will be directed towards the gates, your saddled bird housed on the landing in the cots. Beware, Men of Tarnburg take honor seriously, so if you have none, prepare to earn some, we love to dish it out....

Tarnburg is another mountain fortress and the books give little information about it. We do know that Dietrich, an almost legendary mercenary captain, comes from Tarnburg. Dietrich is a military and political genius, his standard being a silver tarn, mounted on a silver pole. His military campaigns, strategies, and tactics studied in war schools across civilized Gor. He has introduced many new military tactics to the art of war on Gor. His mercenary army usually numbers around five thousand, a massive army for any mercenary captain to lead where the norm is only a few hundred men. But, as he is the best, his services are very expensive. (excerpt from Luther's Scrolls)

"The discipline of the military, that of the Warrior, that discipline necessary for the raid, the engagement, that required for decisive and coordinated action in highly dangerous circumstances, and, even, too, that other sort of discipline, the long, slow, staying, sort of discipline, that which might be required for weeks and months, even years, that tenacity, that sturdiness, needed for the sometimes seemingly endless rigors and privations of campaigns, and wars." (Witness of Gor, p.229)