Merchants, artists, bakers, kailla handlers, leather workers, storytellers and singers are just a few of the people you will find at The Market. Located in central Gor (nowhere, anywhere and everywhere), the Market attracts people from all over Gor and here you will find many different cultures of Gor colliding and coming together in fantastic entertaining ways. Dancing girls, exotic foods and drinks, shopping, fighting, singing and games...what more could you want?

Guidelines for FW Behavior | The Gorean Market Message Board | Quotes about Gorean Markets

That night I took Talena into the City of Tents, and by the light of torches set on lances we walked arm in arm through the crowded streets, among the colourful tents and market stalls. Not only warriors were in evidence, but tradesmen and artisans, peddlers and peasants, camp women and slaves. Talena clung to my arm, fascinated. We watched in one stall a bronzed giant apparently swallowing balls of fire, in the next a silk merchant crying the glories of his cloth, in another a hawker of Paga; in still another we watched the swaying bodies of dancing slave girls as their master proclaimed their rent price. - Tarnsman of Gor

  • Avs should be around 850w x 550h max.
  • The Market is not in any specific Gorean city. However, it is within a city. Because of this, there are guards present at all times to keep the peace and defend all spectators from unwanted advances or confrontations. There are, however, exceptions and guidelines for this protection. This is a "Modified" Kill/Collar/Capture zone. (See following for specifics)
  • Anonymous and those wearing the observation tags (~o~) are allowed as long as they follow the Imagine Chat Anonymous Policy.
  • The Market has a message board where advertisements both for goods and services for sale as well as goods and services wanted. Please take advantage of it!
  • Collared slaves will be protected as long as they are on their best behaviour. They will be protected by the guards. Those slaves who are unable to act in a manner befitting their station will receive NO protection from the guards. Owners will be expected to keep their slaves in line.Do not allow your property to come here alone if you object to others correcting or caging them if they misbehave.
  • Uncollared slaves are simply free game to the first free who gets to them. Kill, collar, or capture.
  • Free Men who do not abide by the rules and customs of The Market will be held accountable. The punishment for the first offense will be one week in a cage. The punishment for the second offense will be two weeks enslavement to the Market as a work slave. The third offense will be banishment from the Market for a period of a month.
  • Free Women will be protected by the guards so long as they behave properly. See  Guidelines for FreeWomen for an outline of expected behaviour. Those women who are unable to act in a manner befitting their station will recieve NO protection from the guards. Ladies! This DOES include inappropriate avatars as they represent who you are on Gor! Read the Guidelines for FW Behaviour CAREFULLY.
  • Panther girls and outlaw women are considered to be free women who are by their very definition, not behaving appropriately for their station and are free game to the first free who gets to them: Kill, collar or capture.
  • Please do not confuse having an online room as your "home" and having a homestone. Most people on Gor have a homestone- the place that they were born and that they are pledged to. Unless your character is an outlaw and has broken his vows to his homestone or was born to an outlaw and has no homestone, you have a homestone even if you haven't found a place on online Gor to call "home". Our best suggestion in that case is to name yourself _____________ of __________ (pick a city, village or even a peasant's hut or one of the wagon peoples).
  • Since this is a public market and there are guards to protect the public, any and all fights between free men will be halted and/or moved to the Stadium of Spectacles. Any fights not moved will be declared null & void. However, if you pick a fight, be prepared to fight and back it the Stadium. You must follow through. You will receive no protection from the Market guards.
  • Women, free or slave, should post scripts of altercations to The Market Message Board if there is a question on whether or not guard protection would have been available. Clarification of rules can be found here.