Welcome to the depravity that is the contests on Gor. Men pitted against men, against animals, slaves, handicapped and bound, shackled together or alone and blinded. Come see the trained fighters display their skill in contests to the death......

The Stadium is not in any specific Gorean city. However, it is within a city. Because of this, there are guards present at all times to keep the peace and defend all spectators from unwanted advances or confrontations. There are, however, exceptions and guidelines for this protection. This is a "Modified" Kill/Collar/Capture zone. (See following for specifics)

Slaves: Collared slaves will be protected as long as they are on their best behaviour. They will be protected by the guards. Those slaves who are unable to act in a manner befitting their station will receive NO protection from the guards. Owners will be expected to keep their slaves in line. Do not allow your property to come here alone if you object to others correcting or even punishing them if they misbehave. Uncollared slaves are simply free game to the first free who gets to them. Kill, collar or capture. You may also be booted without warning if no one is available or wants to collar you.

Women: Free Women will be protected by the guards so long as they behave properly. See the Guidelines for FreeWomen for an outline of expected behaviour. Ladies! This DOES include inappropriate avatars as they represent who you are on Gor! Read the guidelines for FW behaviour CAREFULLY. Those women who are unable to act in a manner befitting their station will receive NO protection from the guards. Panther girls and outlaw women are considered to be free women who are by their very definition, not behaving appropriately for their station and are free game to the first free who gets to them: Kill, collar or capture.

Spar and/or conflict rules and judges are to be chosen by the combatants and can be any system they agree to at the beginning of the fight. This is a Full Kill Zone.

Since this is a public stadium and there are guards to protect the public, any fights between free men breaking out in the stands will be halted and/or moved to the pit. Any fights not moved to the pit will be declared null & void. However, if you pick a fight, be prepared to fight and back it up. You will receive no protection from the Stadium guards. Stadium guards will also prevent others from joining the fight.

Women, free or slave, should post scripts of altercations to the Combat Forum if there is a question on whether or not guard protection would have been available.

All avatars should have dimensions of no more than 900w x 600h.