" ... take what ye can, give nothing back ... "

Thassa; the ocean of Gor, her deep emerald green waters are the domain of those skilled at taming her fury. Upon the bosom of Thassa lies the Isle of Thasos. Shrouded in constant fog for a hundred pasangs around the island, ocean currents bring warm waters north, driving the trade winds. These winds bring the warm moist winds to cool over chilled arctic waters from the north, constantly creating the naturally obscuring feature. Thasos had been until recently rather un-remarkable. Unused, and remote it was ignored. In recent months, a collective of Privateers and other adventuring souls, have opted to establish an outpost for Port Kar upon the island.

"...It is said that men once having seen Thassa are never willing to leave it again, that those who have left the sea are never again truly happy. [Assassin of Gor - 240] ..."

With its strategic location unparralled to the Port of Kar, Thasos, the remains of a volcanic cauldera, lies almost exactly at the mid point in the voyage between the Karian Preserves in the Northern Forest and the Port itself. In a very defensible position, Thasos is paramount for the successful raid incursions into the realms of Tyros and Cos. The island tips back and forth to whomever has the military advantage. As Tor tu Gor rises upon the horizon today the seedy port provides hearth and harbor for the privateers in the service of Kar, but for how long that lasts...

"...'Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.'..."

The Port & Outpost

For years the island had been refuge for the occaissional passing pirate ship, there had been no population to speak until Tiberius stumbled upon the island, and made landfall here. He chose to use this to expand his influence from the docks, and the arsenal of Port Kar, directly to her enemies, and to any who would traverse the waters around the island. Construction abounds, a small shanty town has been erected. The docks were built for the loading and unloading of timber and the building of ships. The cove was dredged to allow for larger ships to come to port here. A narrow beach leads to a hidden cove and the lift of sheer cliff faces as the caldera that is Thasos rises up from Thassa. The outpost currently relies completely on the strength of the ships that patrol her waters and the natural defenses of the island. The fog masks exact numbers at any point, and the full military strength able to be brought to bear. With the passing of Tiberius to the CoD those left behind continue to move forward with life on Thasos under the guidance of Bejar Bjorntand.

Ongoing Roleplay

Masters of the Hand and of the Land-
Every facet of Thasos, the hamlet and the farms, and any other venue which should exist within the scope of this home can not exist without it being built. Every fire place, every fur, every ship, every shanty shall be roleplayed into creation. Thasos is constantly being built, destroyed, modified and updated. We shall bring the place to life and keep it alive with our sweat and blood and effort. Members are encouraged and expected to acquire property and establish the buildings they own either by purchase or construction. Homes, warehouses, whorehouses, businesses will be built, forges will be forged; even if they begin as lean-to's or shantys and grow into revenue drawing ventures. Gorean life will transpire here, truly and fully.

Sea Monsters and Princesses and Pirates - Oh My! -
Thasos is a growing port town, created by and built by Privateers, Sailors, slaves; Men of Port Kar. Men of Opportunity now conduct raids along the northern and central expanses of Thassa, with a growing position of power. Lo, behold the ferocity of those who sail under the black flags of Port Kar. On any given day, a ship of Privateers could encounter a creature of the depths, a slow moving Cosian round ship filled with treasure and women ready to have their clothes come off, or a maelstrom of a storm. Any day the consequences of living a life of high adventure upon the unforgiving waves of Thassa could present the bounty of an easy payday for even the most lazy of Captains, or the Cosian Navy ready to unleash hell upon the waves.

"...'We of Port Kar,' I said, 'have little quarrel generally with those of Scagnar, but it is true that the ships of this Thorgard have preyed with devastation upon our shipping. Many men of Port Kar has he given to the bosom of Thassa.' [Marauders of Gor - 95] ..."

We are what we are -
The Men of Thasos are men of opportunity. When said opportunity presents itself, proud and rightfully so, their hand outstretches to grasp and to take. Ferocious and determined are the men of Thasos. As Gorean Men, they are proud. With little to lose, fighting tooth and nail till the last, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with their comrades. Learned to these criminals a long time ago, rules where needed, a code of conduct. Each following their own code, an ethos of their kith and kin. They are thieves. They are murderers. They will do as they do, the will be as they are. They follow the codes, and they will smile and pat your cheek, as they cut your throat for the three silver in your pocket. You should have just given it to him, when he asked politely.

Edicts of Thasos

  1. All site rules apply.
  2. This is a Kill / Capture / Collar zone. Mirror rules apply.
  3. Prodigy is the default combat system.
  4. This is an advanced roleplay room. Dangerous roleplay can occur here. Realism is key. Roleplay is king.
  5. Women enter at their own risk. Free and slave alike, know your role.
  6. Observers are welcome but anonymous names are not. Observers will ask questions in PM. Roleplay will get you collared.
  7. Judgments are final. Any questionable roleplay will be judged by Bejar Bjorntand.
  8. No Drama. No Harassment.
  9. Have fun. That is why we are all here.

The outpost is ruled loosely by Bejar Bjorntand electing to allow honor and common sense to be the letter of the Law.
The rules of the room are meant to promote fun and a sense of community and common sense. In all ways, if it doesn't make sense, then don't do it. All Rulings will be based on the soul of the rules, not the letter of the law.