"...The famed black slavers of Schendi, a league of slavers well known for their cruel depredations on shipping..."
Slave Girl of Gor

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The following are pieces of information about our room that members, potential members and visitors may find useful.

Joining the port.
Perks of living within the port.
Hunting within the port.
Auctions by the port.
Visiting the port.
Roleplay quests.
Pulldown descriptions.

Joining the port.
    Those that wish to be apart of the home should look to spend some time role playing in the home. There are a wide variety of role play avenues open to you. Loe's bar on the beach, jungle role play, pirating, life in the town etc.

    After a period of time spent role playing you should have been able to make a few new connections with those that dwell within the port. You should hopefully begin to get an idea for what sort of role you'd like to play. Are you looking to contribute to the tavern? Looking to bring ships to the fleet or work for Killian and his crew? Perhaps looking to take up residency in the League of Black Slavers fortress up on the hill. When you've got a feel for where you'd like to start to make your mark on the home you are welcome to approach Vorenus, Loe or Killian and make clear your request. You'll then likely be given entry level membership to the home.

    Upon being granted entry level membership of the home you can go about your role play however you'd like. Dive in and enjoy yourself. Get to know the other role players and characters throughout the home. You could consider this as a probationary status if that is easier for you. After a suitable amount of time role playing within the Port the room shall be consulted as to whether or not you will make a good fit for full membership status.

Perks of living within the port.
    Full members of the home get to have a voice in the decisions of when its time for determining if someone has earned the initiation to being a full member of the port. It may not always be a straight vote but each member will be able to have direct input and influences on who becomes a full part of the port.

    Full members may request personalized pull downs for the port provided they write up their description of the PD to go along with the rest.

    Cookies. Loe's tavern always has fresh cookies.

Hunting within the wilds near the port.
    Beyond the walls of the Ebon Fortress rest the Kamba River and the jungles of Schendi, home to many wonders that serve to stir the curiosity of men and reward those brave and adventurous enough to venture within the canopy of trees. While some are content to dictate their own encounters within the jungle, others prefer a more randomized and exciting avenue of roleplay – one we believe the following system will help facilitate.

    At any point during your roleplay within the jungles of Schendi, you may opt to experience a random encounter. These encounters will be dictated by a series of dice rolls.

    The first roll will be performed to determine what it is the player is encountering – anything from a lone tarsk crossing your path, to a roving pack of raiders, to the sudden activation of a foot snare that will carry you upside down into the tree line. A list of these potential outcomes, along with a brief description of the event and the numbered roll corroborating to it; will be available on the pulldown list, along with the number of successes one must roll for a desired outcome.

    Desired outcomes range from taking down the tarsk with spear or arrows, landing blows on the attacking raiders (or even evading their notice), or cutting oneself free from a snare. These outcomes are dictated by the player, but the success or failure is determined by rolling a ten sided dice will generate a random number: even’s are successes, odds are fails.

    Successes: Successes are considered accumulative – one does not need to reach the required number of successful rolls in sequence one after another, but the required amount must be reached before the conclusion of the encounter.

    Fails: Failed rolls precursor negative outcomes in the scenario. An arrow failing to meet its mark, an animal or raider landing a wound on the player, etc. A failed roll does not reset or mar the number of successful rolls made, but can sometimes alter the progression of the roleplay. They are dictated by the player.

      Example: Rolling an encounter has a tarsk wandering into Loe’s path, requiring two successful rolls. In this instance, Loe decides to kill the beast. His first post is to spot the beast and ready his bow, firing a single arrow. He rolls a 4, the arrow strikes the beast and it runs off. Giving chase and readying another arrow, Loe rolls a 7. This arrow falls wide, and the chase continues. At this point, another success would mean the tarsk has fallen, another failure would either give the player a chance to discontinue the scene, or continue the chase until a success could be reached.
    Evasion: In instances where an undesirable encounter is rolled (not including trap instances), it is possible for the player to ‘avoid’ the instance through means of evasion. This would require half the original number of successful rolls, but would require each roll be done in succession. Any failed rolls interrupting that succession would result in exposure and lead to confrontation – requiring the remainder of the original number of successes be fulfilled.

      Example: Loe comes across a group of raiders that require 4 successes. Opting for stealth over strength, Loe decides to remain out of their line of sight and continue on his way, requiring only 2 successes. His first roll is a 2, he creeps along without detection. His second roll is a 3. The raiders spot him and engaged. The original 4 success requirement comes back into play – but with the first success deducted only 3 successes are required for a desirable outcome.

    Escape: We accept that not everyone utilizing the encounter system may be a hunter or combatant, and if evasion fails there is always the option of escape. Escaping an encounter requires that a player roll half the successes required for a victory (not including trap instances). So, if a player encounters an instance that requires 4 successes, the player only needs to roll a 2 in order to successfully escape the instance. Successes resulting in either attacking or evasion can contribute to the escape roll, though if half the required rolls for success have been accomplished, the player must roll one success to actively escape.

      Example: Loe is attacked by a group of raiders that requires 4 successes. He attempts to fight them off, rolling two successes and killing a few of them, but decides he cannot possibly win against the remainder. He has already rolled half the number of successes for an escape, but must roll an additional success to actually run away successfully and avoid death or capture.

Auctions hosted by the Port
    One of the driving efforts of a lot of the members of the port shall be preying upon shipping lanes to the north and taking prisoners. Almost all of those men, free women and slaves that are taken in combat(not via our raid rules.) led by Vorenus will be auctioned off. These auctions shall usually take place at a northern market of one location or another.

    We will be using a very specific auction system for the making of our profits. The live auctions shall be announced and upon the time for it to begin a random number shall be generated with proof of how it was created saved should it be needed. From there we shall set a starting price depending on what we perceive the value of the one on the auction block. The bidding will begin and be done in 1 silver tarsk increments. The bidding process shall then begin, and when the number of bids reach the randomly generated number, the owner of that bid shall win the auction. Ex: If the number was 7th, than the 7th bid in order as posted shall be the winner. Bids that are posted that mirror a previously placed bid will not count toward the total number of bids.

    The intention of this auction system is to remove any suspicion that we are fudging the auction on who gets the prize. Our goal is to create a reasonably exciting bidding frenzy type environment where no one knows if they will be the winner, but hopefully all feel that they could potentially win.

    Some of our auctions shall be masked events. Those seeking to bid should enter the market of the auctions location under complete disguise as they wish so that neither the auctioneer nor the person being sold will know who has purchased them until after the deal has been struck.

    If the idea of one of these auctions, where you nor the auctioneer knows who will end up winning you appeals to you, feel free to contact us on an OOC level and we can discuss some fun role play scenarios so that you can take part.

Visitors to the Port:
    Free men are welcome to come and go as they please. Free women and slaves should do so while knowing the risks of what can happen in Gor. While the port is not a feeding frenzy of instant collar/captures for those who wish to enter, you should remember that this is a port town that are not on the higher standings of Gorean laws and honor. The schendi region has their own way of doing things. Role players who venture in and provide interesting, exciting and entertaining roleplay will always be welcome. For those that are looking for a bit more increased safety within the Port, you are free to solicit the invitation of one of the men of the Port to come and visit. Those men will be responsible for your behaviour and safety during your trip to the Port.

    Others may want to visit for short term storylines which is also welcomed. Perhaps you're on the run and looking for a place of refuge to lay low for a little awhile. Perhaps you have some goods that were procured in less than orthodox methods that you need some help transporting or fencing. We're open to a variety of reasons why you might elect to come for a visit to our lowly port north of Schendi.

Role Play Quests:
    Over the coming weeks we shall unveil our dynamic role play quest system that will be open and available for use within our room. It shall be combined with Loe's hunting system to make for an entertaining and interesting role play scenario for those wishing to take part in it. As it roles out, those looking to experience it and have some fun with it will be welcome to make the trip to the Port to give it a spin. You will be considered safe while following the steps of the quest so long as you continue to adhere to our rules and remain respectful to those of the Port.

Pulldown descriptions:
    The pulldowns used within the room are listed here and with greater detail so that those making use of them can have a keener understanding and a more unified vision of the role play environment. Those who request pulldowns to be added are expected to prepare their own more detailed description to be displayed along with the rest.