"...The famed black slavers of Schendi, a league of slavers well known for their cruel depredations on shipping..."
Slave Girl of Gor

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...The air is thick with the taste of salt and the pungent scent of spice and jungle flowers. A little bit closer now, your ship makes its way down the coast before you steadily come around the bend. The waves crash against the rocks of a tall cliff face before it finally gives way to the entry of a large natural harbor. Out in front of the harbor anchored in the deeper water were Gorean ships of war, operated by League Captains who has been tasked with patrolling the coastal waters and protecting the harbor. There glistening across the water you can see the small village that sits below the Ebon Fortress. The village was made up of a couple of dozen small buildings. Some of them little more than wooden shanties that looked as though they might blow over at the hint of the next storm.

There at the center of the village was a single pier that jutted out into the natural harbor. The pier was not overly large seeing as how the harbor was only deep further out. The pier is able to accommodate two small ships at the best of times, meant only to shuttle goods back and forth to the anchored ships out in the deeper harbor waters. It sat empty at the moment, but a new delivery was due in shortly. Further up the beach was a queerer sight; the remnant shell of an old merchant vessel run aground long ago with the rising of the tides, marked by a bustle of activity. Upon closer investigation you'd come to discover that it had been modified into a tavern under the propriety of the brewer Loe, where sailors and settlers could drink and fornicate.

The jungle loomed large behind the village, but it was the banners flying atop of the old stone fortress high up on the hill that caught your attention. The fortress was in poor shape, but its walls still stood, its moat was still filled with flesh eating fish and the fortress itself barely leaked during the worst of the storms. The fortress, like the harbor itself, was an old property of the League of Black Slavers. The fortress was once meant to stand vigil over the deep harbor and see to the protection of valuable shipping lanes that ran north from Port Schendi, the League capital. Ebon Fortress, had been abandoned for years, reclaimed by mother nature. While the village saw moderate activity, the fortress itself was only recently opened for business once more when high standing league official, Captain Saan. It was Vorenus he tasked with holding the fortress now that it had been reopened, along with over seeing the League interests within the village. After a long and torturous ordeal, Vorenus found a comfortable landing spot after going on the run as a criminal of the City of Ar.....

Tal & welcome to Ebon Fortress. We are a home that is a bit rough around the edges, existing on the fringe of Gorean society. This village and fortress above has become a safe haven for those who haven't quite fit in with typical Gorean society. A refuge for killers, brigands, criminals and those look to profit off of the suffering of others. The town is ran by the League of Black Slavers, but not everyone that resides within it is apart of such.

The primary trade of the village is the selling of slave flesh. Ventures out into the wilds to obtain new stock to sell off in far away markets will be frequent. Some attacks shall be done seriously and with permanent consequences, others shall be done under our raid rules as posted.

While inside of our home we expect the following rules to be observed. Further details of our rules and laws for its members can be viewed as well.

  • Kill / Collar / Capture zone. - People may be collared or captured against their will, but it will not be done via force posts. The unwilling parties are free to resist and try as they might to avoid their fate. A judgment shall be rendered if needed by Vorenus or a judge of his choosing if he is involved.
  • All combat shall be defaulted to Prodigy Rules unless otherwise agreed upon before hand. Open Combat shall always default to Prodigy Rules. Open Combat, serious battles or otherwise meaningful role play(escapes/captures/etc) that require a judgment shall be performed by Vorenus or another of his choosing if need be.
  • Raids are welcomed, accepted and encouraged. We have our own raid rules that we ask be followed which you may view those rules up above.
  • This home does not offer public collars. All slaves will be personally owned. If you enter expecting to be collared to the home you will likely have a bad time.
  • OOC should be kept to a minimum. We are here to role play out Gor, not sit around chit chatting. You will be asked to take it to PM/Skype. If it persists you will be removed.
  • The Ebon Fortress is led by strength and skill at arms. Any man wishing to challenge for the leadership of the fortress may do so provided their challenge is seconded by another man of the home. The fight shall be bloody and likely deadly one way or another.
  • Role play is king within this room. Shitty one line posts and meaningless babble that do not contribute to the atmosphere of the room are not needed. If you are going to be here, find a storyline, dive into it and portray your passion.
  • All messengers are required to come into the Fortress in character and baring the yellow slash of the messenger. We encourage this for two reasons: to encourage realistic roleplay, and to reduce the amount of OOC banter taking place in the room while roleplay is underway. The same rule applies to those wishing to observe; we have no problem with people wishing to observe the roleplay taking place to see if they wish to get involved or not, but we would prefer you adopt a name prior to doing so. If your character is not capable of being in our room, in character, to deliver a message, you might consider dispatching an NPC, an example might be. "Vorenus' Messenger for Loe." Otherwise, leaving us a board PM be it on IC or our own forums would suffice if the topics at hand are for OOC purposes.
  • Our forums may be viewed HERE
These rules should be enough to get you by for a visit, but you are encouraged to read the rest of our rules and laws linked above.