The flag of Minus is still seen flying in the port of Lydius after Cimber and the free people of the town marched south to reclaim
                their homeland. Although they have been victorious the Stronghold remains open to them, acting as a secondary home
                and a secondary front for continued hostile actions against Cos. 
Although the City of Ar has also risen up against its Cosian Occupiers with the return of Marelnus, Cos still has allies on the
mainland impacting trade on the inland routes. So long as Cos is permitted to maintain its foothold on mainland Gor continued action
against the Island Ubarates will continue.

Thus, the mandate for those in Minus remains in effect with efforts now focused cutting off Cos from resources in the Northern Forest
vital to its ship building operations while hounding its naval and trade fleets traveling Thassa.

Lydius is a free port ruled by a council made up of merchants (NPCs) with pds represented in the Minus Subroom: The Valley and Beyond.
Only members of Minus or Guests may play in this location. 

Secondary Characters are only permitted here upon being registered to our home forums located [ HERE ]. All rules regarding secondaries
apply so read the rules included carefully.

The Unbroken Stronghold is a secondary home to the citizens of Minus.  As such entry to the Stronghold is a carefully monitored process.
However, the Port of Lydius is accessible to anyone wishing to play there temporarily although the subroom it is located in is accessible
only to Members of Minus or Guests of the home.

The Stronghold is now under the control of the Acte family of Lydius with Sythra, Cimber's former companion, and her brother Quintus,
acting as stewards.  To the public eye the Stronghold serves as merchant holdings belonging to the town of Minus and its citizens.
While true the Stronghold is also a front for the true purpose of interfering with Cosian trade as it pertains to lumber harvesting
and trade on Thassa.  In essence, pirates, smugglers and others opposing Cos are given safe harbour here and use of the Stronghold's
docks to avoid tipping off the Lydian authorities some of whom may be in Cos' pocket.


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