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The Introduction

Now that the Cosian Occupation of Ar lead by the puppet Talena has been brought to a bloody end the city has begun to reach out to Minus in a bid to reforge ties that were strained and eventually broken by the weight of Cosian interference.  Under Cimber's leadership the town had declared itself independent of Ar during Talena's treacherous reign ending Minus' status as a tributary of the city. However, as those in Minus can attest Cimber's act incurred a great cost but one deemed worthwhile in the course of resisting tyranny.

Minus will continue working to maintain this hard fought independence although with the return of Marlenus who has recently taken back the City of Ar in a bloody uprising, it is feared that in the Ubar's rumoured quest to seize territory lost during his daughter's dismal reign Minus may be among the first to feel his wrath. After all while the Arian military has been affected by corruption and traitors within Ar it is not completely destroyed therefore still posing a threat to the town.

Thus, sensitive negotiations have taken place between the two sides meant to slowly re-establish peaceful and prosperous relations with the understanding that The Central Cylinder of Ar will no longer enjoy full authority over the daily affairs and governing of Minus as it had in the past, and in return the town and its Administrator will support the city in both its rebuilding efforts and future plans to retake territories ceded to or currently allied with Cos on the mainland.

As part of this negotiated deal young Arian warriors are now traveling to Minus to be trained in the newly created War Academy where they will learn under the Warriors of Minus many of whom have ties to the great city to the south and have now fought in two major campaigns in the past five years. The stories of Minus' Warriors as they stood against Treve and its Cosian conspirators, and marching from the north (Lydius) to retake their home land this past summer has earned the town and its people a reputation in Ar for being strong and tenacious. Therefore, it is seen as an honour to both sides that Ar would request that its next generation of Warriors be trained by those of Minus as it rebuilds its depleted military.

It is hoped by being apart of this rebuilding process Minus will earn favour in the city and perhaps enough influence to continue keeping the Ubar at bay, for while all is well for the time being the people of Minus know all to well that the winds of peace may change without reason or warning, bringing with it the sounds of conquest...

Elsewhere in our story - Secondary Locations
The story of Minus has extended to the following locations.  Anyone is welcome to get involved and if there are any questions or ideas please contact Cimber (Chev.) or Gaia (V.V.)

The Lower Districts of Ar : Marlenus' edict is clear! Any and all within the City of Ar who assisted Cos must die. The streets will run red with blood in the pursuit of the Ubar's promised peace which has lead to a gruelling war in the Lower Districts as the gangs who casually colluded with the enemy are in the process of being rooted out.  Although Marlenus publicly decries the violence in the Lower District he is in fact backing certain factions pledging loyalty to his cause to purge the city of any and all traitors.  Among those seeking to reclaim his former place and glory as a leader within the Lower Districts is Tyraxes, a criminal owing his new found freedom to none other than Tyrios Herennius and the people of Minus. Helping his cause to gathering new men to his ranks is the promise that should he re-establish himself his gang will have access to the Minus river docks for their various operations.


The Unbroken Stronghold : The flag of Minus is still seen flying in the port of Lydius after Cimber and the free people of Minus (aka the Minus Loyalists) marched south to reclaim their homeland. Although they have been victorious in seizing control of Minus once again the Stronghold remains open to them acting as a secondary home and a secondary front for continued hostile actions against Cos.

Although the City of Ar has also risen up against its Cosian Occupiers with the return of Marelnus, Cos still has allies on the
mainland impacting trade on the inland routes. So long as Cos is permitted to maintain its foothold on mainland Gor further action
against the Island Ubarates will continue.

Thus, the mandate for those in Minus remains in effect with efforts still focused on cutting off Cos from resources in the Northern Forest which are vital to its ship building operations while hounding its naval and trade fleets traveling Thassa.


Cimber is the room leader and Administrator of Minus. His word is final in judgements pertaining to combat, death, captures/escapes and other roleplay and situations unfolding in the room.

Until recently the town was occupied by a Trevian force aided by Cosian occupiers in Ar but which was later expelled by the Minus Loyalists and their allies.  Meanwhile, to the south of Minus, news of Marlenus' return has prompted a city wide revolt against the Cosian occupiers who have since fled the City of Ar.  Those Cosians unable to flee the uprising were either impaled or enslaved, and all Arian traitors in the city likewise rooted out although some have escaped or their previous allegiances and dealings gone undiscovered.  Now both Minus and Ar will work to rebuild after deposing the foreign tyrants who had sought to destroy the greatest city on Gor.
Those who are staying in Minus for an extended visit lasting more than a couple days are encouraged to post on the forum indicating they have taken up accommodations or are staying somewhere within the town. Guests may do so on the [ Accommodation Forum ]. It is further suggested that guests list their slaves so that they aren't mistaken for runaways or abandoned property. Failure to do so may result in a player losing their property or being treated as a potential spy.

Please be realistic in your roleplay. Understand that while there are some shady folks and dealings occurring occasionally the guards are not lazy, drunk or conveniently inept for players to try and utilize in guiding situations to their favour with very little work.  Our guards are veterans of two major campaigns, and our townspeople as such are suspicious of outsiders.  Use common sense, courtesy and a spirit of goodwill within the 'game of roleplay' and understand not every back is turned and not everyone will turn a blind eye here.  Townsfolk are very nosy.

#1. All Imagine Chat site rules apply.
#2. Avatars worn in the home may not exceed 850 (w) x 550 (h). Please keep avatars within the realm of the Gorean theme.
#3. Anonymous names are not allowed and are subject to booting after being warned.
#4. Observers are welcome only if they take a proper name, utilize the ~o~ and stay in PM.  Messengers will come In Character and have a proper name, "Messenger for Joe" is not a proper name.  Slaves also do not get messengers.  If you need to talk someone that badly OOCLy use the forums, Skype and other means, this is a roleplay room first and foremost.
#5. The storytelling pulldown is used by Members Only. Outsiders may not control NPCs belonging to the town such as its guards and its officials in critical situations impacting the home and its people.  Further, we frown upon the age old tradition of writing NPCs as inept halfwits for convenience purposes.
#6. OOC happens but out of character chatter will be taken to PM if requested by any roleplayer actively playing in the room.
#7. We are a Kill/Capture/Collar zone and we welcome only Fun Raids.
#8. Prodigy is the system of choice here for combat.  Fun Raids are accepted.  Please read the link titled Raid Rules for more information.
#9. Judgments will be rendered by Cimber respectively unless directly involved in a situation or altercation.  If such is the case a third party of his choosing may be contacted to render a judgment.  Scripts requiring judgement will be posted [ To the Judgement Forum ].
#10. Free Women are welcome so long as they act accordingly. If you are traveling through Minus as a guest escorts are not necessarily required but they are suggested either PCs or NPCs.
#11. Assassins are welcome.  However, marked assassins will have to provide proof of contract to the room controller before fulfillment of the contract can take place.
#12. Outlaws/Panthers would not enter Minus willingly but they are welcome to try.   If caught they face impalement or enslavement.
#13. Secondary Characters are played here only by members of Minus, or by members of other approved homes only.  To learn more review the link titled Secondary Characters on this page.
#14. Gender Bending will only be done in Minus through Secondary Characters.
#1. Most slaves in Minus will either be individually owned or the property of businesses operating within its walls.   The Administrator is the only one capable of collaring slaves to the town.
#2. The training and upkeep of personal slaves is the sole responsibility of the owner and not that of the town or its members unless personally contracted to do so.  If an owner is going to be away for a time they are encouraged to leave their slave in the care of a fellow citizen.
#3. Discipline, Punishment and Caging: Slaves in Minus may be disciplined, caged or punished by any member of the home if found displeasing, disruptive or dishonouring their owner's collar or the home. The maiming and killing of another's property while not uncommon on Gor is discouraged unless the situation is grievous enough to warrant it.
#4. Shelving is not release. Shelving of a collared slave character in Minus means that character is automatically an NPC and still the property of the man or woman in Minus who owns that character. This will not change unless the owner is later killed or shelve themselves.
#5. Abandonment: This will be determined by the date of last script and date of last forum log in. In the event a slave has indeed been abandoned by their owner, action will be taken by the town officials with the slave auctioned in the home or recollared.
All the previous rules listed for Minus apply here as well with some exceptions.  Here they are:
#1. The subrooms are for use by Members of Minus and their secondary characters only.  Non-Members are welcome to play in the subrooms if:
- They are issued a personal invite by a Member to join them in a subroom to roleplay (example: Training in the Eastern District, attending a play at the Amphitheatre etc).
- An event is happening in which an open invite has been issued (Tournaments, Clash of the Castes etc).
- Players contact the room controller with the request to utilize the rooms (such as joining the Battle for the Voltai story)
- Or if they are official Guests of Minus and staying within the town.  Guests are those characters who have posted to the [ Accommodation ] section of our forums.
#2. The subrooms feature locations linked to roleplay in Minus including the Eastern District of Minus, the nearby villages of Verl Rock and River Bend, The Red Watch, The Roads & Waterways of Gor, and other far flung destinations including the Unbroken Stronghold in Lydius.  If Members desire locations added to any of the subrooms they may request pds on the home forums, however any personal residences or vessels will have to be purchased like those pds being installed in the town.
#3. The subrooms are modified Kill/Capture Zones with the exception of the Eastern District of Minus which is actually within the walls of the town.  The other subrooms will not permit raids or outsiders coming in to orchestrate kills or captures on the Members.  Exceptions will be considered if the room controller is approached first.  Talk to Cimber.
Only members of Minus may create and play secondary characters here.  All secondary characters currently being played in the room are listed in the links provided below.  It is the responsibility of all visitors to the room to read this section and be informed of secondary characters currently in play.  The room staff will not be held responsible for informing players when it is their job to learn about the rooms they are entering.
Secondary Character Rules
Click to read the full list of rules governing secondary character use in this room.
Secondary Character Registration
Click here to see a list of secondary characters currently in play within the room.
-Last Updated December 14, 2015. Click banner to view List.
This list applies to Minus, it's subrooms, and secondary locations: The Unbroken Stronghold & The Lower Districts of Ar. Click the banner to view the full list of Banned, Exiled and Unwanted individuals.


Rules used with permission from Vorenus.
  The rules listed below are for Fun Raids only which will follow a loose format outside of Prodigy.  Any other hostile action outsiders attempt to take against Minus will follow Prodigy per the Open Combat rules.  If there is any rule a potential raiding home wants to alter or discuss please contact the Administrator of Minus, Cimber, on the home forums or on the main Imagine Chat Forums to work out an agreement a head of time.
  All raiders should read the following before charging in: [ Approaching Minus ].
  Raids involving potential capture attempts on our members can only be orchestrated by men with actual homes/rooms on Gor so that our warriors can counter raid, and to prevent captives being kept in GRPs.  If men want to raid in order to steal livestock or other items then a Home Stone is not required.
  Minus will only accept Fun Raids from homes we are in good standing with, or have had little contact with.  While those who count themselves as in opposition to us will raid using Open Combat rules.  It seems bizarre to have an enemy home raid us under the banner of 'Fun' after all.  However, the room controller may be contacted OOCly to discuss a mutually acceptable arrangement mitigating damage or death in the event a hostile force does want to engage Minus.  Contact Cimber on the Minus or Imagine Chat forums.
1. Gorean raids may ensue at any moment. There is a requirement that one or more male combatants must be within the room before the raid begins. Gorean combatant is defined by being a person of the home who is capable of fighting. For example, a male singer, while they could realistically pick up a sword, they do not count. Fighting slaves however do. [Note: We do use secondary characters in Minus and they may count as combatants].
2. Raids shall continue for no longer than ninety minutes (1.5 hours) after the initial attack is made. The initial attack will be considered as happening when the first attack from one PC is made to an enemy PC. Attacks on NPCs during the approach to the raid do not count. This decision on when a raid officially begins helps to allow both sides to get organized and on the same page when starting the battle in hopes of the attacking force not feeling rushed and creating a confusing scenario.
3. Gorean raids are considered a nod to the long lost treasure of "Fun raids." Never should they be about a display of personal skill but of mutually enjoyable role-played violence in a Gorean setting for the fun of all parties involved. Using Prodigy rules during the raid to maintain post format is an option but not required. Combatants are free to engage in more "free form" role play instead of rigid rules for combat. You should throw some attacks, block some shots, bleed a little, make some people bleed a little, and make off with a bit of sweet loot.
4. These battles are all about working together to give a little and take a little. To get your opponent to take some of your actions, you should accept some of actions that they are doing. Feel free to take a wound even though you could have blocked it. Turn a nasty thrust into a grazing cut. Show them you're not trying to "god mode" but instead are there for fun. Defenders feel free to let something be stolen. A pouch of gold or a fancy goblet doesn't need to be fought for tooth and nail as though it is your Home Stone. If you've never been apart of a raid like this, hopefully you can ask someone who has about how much fun they can be and what you might expect to encounter.
5. Gorean raids shall contain no killing maiming or long lasting captures. All captives may not be collared, branded, shaved or raped. They can be treated roughly with things such as caging, chains, shackles, questioning via some interrogations, but each captive is due a distinct level of respect as role players who are there for mutual fun. That is the key, maintain the spirit of the fun raid for everyone involved. If captives wish to be subject to harsher treatment, they may agree to do so by their own free will and by the limits the set on a case by case basis.
6. Captures from our raiding system are done in a very simple, quick and non judged manner. During each raid, the attackers may make use of two (2) capture attempts. The defenders also have two (2) capture attempts to use against their attackers as they see fit.

6.1 In order for a capture attempt to be made, the combatant attempting the capture must be engaged with the intended target. Fighting them, chasing after them down the stairs etc. The capturing party will then make a post explaining how they are trying to secure the capture. Perhaps a knock out blow, a net, tackling them etc. They will then roll a dice within the room on a 10 sided die. When the result comes up, odd will mean a capture attempt worked; even shall indicate that it has failed miserably. The process is mirrored for defenders attempting to capture attackers.

6.2 There are a few requirements for being considered engaged with your capture victim. You are required to be on the same pull-down prior to the attempt for two posts followed by a post addressed to the victim that contains your capture attempt. Proper role play should be conducted for getting to the required pull down. Blipping from the docks to the "main hall" of a room should not be done without role play explaining your movements from location to location.

Example A:
Raider going from the Thassa in one post to being in the Main Square with a capture post without any prior role play to fill those gaps is not considered valid.

Example B:
Post 1: Raider sails through the Thassa.
Post 2: Raider gets onto the docks.
Post 3: Raider rushes down a town street.
Post 4: Raider starts searching street vendor stalls for valuables.
Post 5: Addressed to Lady Rolling Pin Wielder that you've spotted her and begin chasing her.
Post 6: Capture attempt by trying to grab her from behind.

6.3 If a capture attempt on a target but it fails, you are not allowed to use your second capture attempt on the same target. This applies equally to both attackers and defenders.
7. Rescue attempt rolls may be used during the battle. Such attempts will use up one of your available capture attempts. An example is if Rob raids Ebon Fortress who has already holding Lady Leather captive, Rob may attempt to rescue her with the dice roll attempt which then gives Rob's raid only 1 more capture attempt.

7.1 Rescue rolls are executed by the system in 6.2. Role play shall be required for getting to the captive's location, interacting with the captive and then a post attempting to free them. Then you must roll the dice, as per the above rule, odd means it has worked, even means it has been stopped.

7.2 A rescued person may not be recaptured during the same battle.
8. Those who are taken captive may not be held any longer than 48 hours unless they agree to a longer period. When raid battles have come to their end, the home who has lost the captive may elect to send forth an in-character messenger to discuss a ransom. Such messengers are not able to be held or detained while attempting to negotiate the ransom of an agreeable price. After 48 hours if the prisoner has not been ransomed or rescued they are free to role play their escape via any means they wish without any fuss being made or the holding party being able to force them to stay.
9. When the dust has settled and smoke has cleared each side should have the fun role play experiences of treating of wounds, checking that everyone is still accounted for, surveying the damage that has been done, putting out fires etc. Defenders shall not be raided twice in one night unless they consent to on going battles.
10. Those free women and slaves feeling brave with the strength of Lady Nyx flowing through their veins may elect to defend their homes and support their men as best they can. An assortment of Lady Nyx Inc. frying pans, rolling pins, and other assorted goodies should always be kept on hand! Gaining the attention of a raider with your actions is done at your own risk. Be ready to dodge those capture attempts!
11. While these are the rules that are the default for our home, if you'd like to work together to establish on going raids between our homes we are certainly willing to alter the rules on a case by case basis to help make everyone feel comfortable and accommodated. For an example if your home would prefer 24 hours for captives instead of 48, we can put into place a documented and agreed upon alteration between those two homes going forward!





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