1. All [ Imagine Chat Rules ] apply.

2. This room shall exist as a safe zone in its entirety from the start of the event to the conclusion. The only exceptions to this shall be: 1]. Outlaws: Permitted so long as disguised and taking care not to advertise themselves, this includes avatars that are worn. 2]. Bare neck slaves: They may be collared and captured by the first free without the need of a judgment. 3]. Anyone who disrupts the peace and atmosphere of this event may find themselves no longer welcome at the Plains of a Thousand Stakes.
3. The 2019 Love Wars shall take place between April 19th-28th, fights may be scheduled for any time from the start of the event to the conclusion. However, if need be the event may extend past those dates if more time for scheduled fights is required.
4. Ladies who are brave enough to stand at the stake shall fill out the sample form and create a thread to announce that they are up for grabs! To keep the focus on having men fight for the women that catches their eye, you are encouraged to keep your champion a tightly guarded secret until a challenger has stepped forth.
5. In recent years a new category of Prize has been created for Free Women who will be considered Foreign Exchange Captives. This was done in the hopes of expanding participation in this year's Love Wars. To learn more please read this thread: [ Foreign Exchange Captives ].
6. In Nomads we saw that each fight had two women at the stake, standing across from one another, ranked and ordered based on their beauty. We are straying away from following the exact setup of the books. If a challenger wishes to fight for a woman who is up at the stake, he may make the challenge like usual, but he must bring something to put up at the stake as well. For his first challenge it can be a meaningful item, such as a treasured sword, or heirloom. Or perhaps an offer to ply their trade on behalf of the Champion should you lose.
A weapon smith might volunteer to craft an item of the Champions choosing, etc. Try to put some thought into what you are putting up for grabs for the Champion to win should you fall in battle.
7. Those of you who have made a challenge and fell in the pursuit of a beautiful woman at the stake may continue to challenge for another if you so desire. Those that have won a woman in your challenge may not challenge again unless you put up a woman, slave or free woman to stand at the stake opposite of the woman you are challenging for. A woman that you have previously challenged for and won cannot be put up at the stake for a second time so that you may attempt to win another.
8. We also saw in Nomads that the Love Wars alternated from event to event which side had the right to pick the weapon of the battle. To keep things interesting and stop one side from holding a monopoly on the weapon picking, we are putting a focus into celebrating the heritage and culture of the women that are standing at the stake. The woman shall determine which side of the Love Wars she is standing for. She may elect to side with the Cities, or the Wagons, this decision should be based on the woman's culture be it from where she currently resides, or her culture of birth. A Lady living in a City but who was from a Torvaldsland fjord could pick either side to represent at the time of submitting her form. A woman at the stake may not be challenged for by someone from her own home.
While continuing this year's theme of honoring the brave woman standing at the stake, the champion of the woman shall be the one to pick the weapons for the battle. The weapons picked shall be used by both opponents in an equal setting. The twist however is that the champion may only pick weapons from the culture of the woman that he is championing. When picking the weapons, a short sword will be acknowledged as a universal weapon across all cultures due to its generic nature across most of the Gorean landscape.
9. The fighters may determine how many rounds they wish to fight for as well as the time limit. Though we encourage 5 rounds and 8 minutes. When a fight is scheduled, please post it publicly on the Love Wars forum so that as many people as possible can gather to witness the spectacle. The woman at the stake and her champion should work together to find a time that works best for the both of them so that all 3 parties can be present in as many cases as possible.
10. Judges who have experience with prodigy as both a fighter as well as a judge are greatly appreciated for this event though live judging is not required of those volunteering. However, the event does ask that those volunteering ensure they will be prompt with their judgements to avoid lengthy delays. Certain judges who are willing to judge live can make themselves known on the event forum so that fighters may elect to see if they are available to do so at the time of their spar. To request a judge or volunteer your services as a judge to the event please visit the [ Love Wars Judgement Forum ].
11. Only primary characters may attend this event.
12. Regional Side Games presented by individuals or Home Stones are encouraged as a way to promote interaction and socializing between the matches. These contests can be anything from Bean Races, to Archery and Wrestling, or other races and challenges popular in the different regions of Gor. To request a pulldown for your game please visit this thread: [ Side Game Pulldown Request ].