This room is based on books of Gor by John Norman, specifically Hunters of Gor and Captive of Gor.
Non-Gorean items, creatures and roleplay are not recognized.
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Territory of the Sisterhood of Tempest
Thanks to Sarah, The Panther Girl for Her hard work


  • Travel in this room: This room represents our entire territory- a large area deep in the midst of the northern forest- at least 15 x 15 pasangs (about 10 x10 miles), it does not just represent the small area of our camp.
  • When non-members enter this room you must start at one of the territories' edge pulldowns and then must realistically roleplay traveling inwards and searching for the lair. Those who arrive at the lair unrealistically or without the required posts may be ignored or their r/p may be ruled invalid.
  • By entering this room it is understood that the use of NPC's may or may not be employed and you will be expected to respond to them appropriately.

  • Free Men and Panther Girls - 2 in 'Territory's Edge' PD, 3 in 'Forest' PD
  • Free Women and Unescorted Slaves - 3 in 'Territory's Edge' PD, 4 in 'Forest' PD
  • Free Women, or Rival Panther Girls: You may be bound, collared, and/or sold. Those seeking membership know that we live a harsh life, and those who are not suited to it will be enslaved and sold.
  • Free Men: Be aware that you will be seen as a danger, and thus will be killed or neutralized as soon as possible. Weapons may be taken, and you may be bound, collared, used, shaved (degradation stripe), and/or sold. If you wish to discuss trading or the ransom of a captive, send a messenger (i.e. Messenger for "your name"), and you will be met in the Forest or at an Exchange Point.
  • Runaway Slaves: Slaves did not wander Gor freely. Female slaves occasionally would flee to the forest seeking freedom. Your reception will depend on what we think of you. Male slaves did not flee to the forest and did NOT voluntarily seek to serve women.
  • Observers are allowed, please add an ~o~ to your name. You may only observe and ask polite questions.
  • Animal RP is allowed, as long as it is realistic. Know your animal. Animal RP is for fun only, and animals will not be allowed to kill room members.
  • Anyone willfully disrupting the room or engaging in blatantly invalid or unrealistic RP will be first warned and/or placed on ignore. Play your games elsewhere.
  • The room leader has final say in any disputes that occur within this room. Know there are trap pulldowns, you will be expected to respond to those by dice roll for your outcome off the time stamp. Autoposts You will respond to if need be and you are the last poster, some of the autopost's are for ambience. Autoposts do not require any dice rolling This room uses Prodigy Rules for all sparring, open combat, and raid rules.

By voluntarily entering this room, you are indicating that you are over 18, and that you have read and accept the rules on this page.