The great Northern forests, wild and untamed, home to as many two legged varieties of animal as it is the four legged kind. People from all over Gor can be found beneath its canopy - both lawful and not so lawful. Panthers and outlaws ply their trade with men from great cities and lush islands. Plots also abound, the dense foliage providing a hushed backdrop for intrigue and machination. The Northern Forests may be remote but many times the fate of Gor so often rests upon its shoulders.

Welcome to our home and let your adventures begin!

At the base of the Larious River resides the Northern Winds Trading Post, a welcoming place for vistors, traders, and those seeking seclusion; and for its steady supply of wood, herbs, verr, fish and many other items. Walled and accessible by two guarded gates, you can reach the Post by water or by land. About 100 pasangs from the nearest settlement, the dock is nearly hidden by a point in the river where the water gate stands. By land, an old dirt road once used for logging and mining, wild and overgrown in many places, will lead you to the second gate. Say hello to Casper, who will welcome you with an inspection and a quick smile.

Past the gates, you will find a bustling settlement. Men and women both, dressed befitting the forest in hunting leathers, and well armed with bows and other weaponry suitable for the wilds, confidently make their way to and from the main lodge, cabins, and other outbuildings. Even a few wagons can be found, along with a tarn cote, seemingly out of place, near the forest gate.

Everything is as a trading post should be but if you study it closely, you may see that things are not quite what it appears to be.



Rules and Guidelines

This is a story based room. Please read the current story postings before beginning.

Merrick, or a member will make rulings as needed. Disputes are to be scripted and posted on the forums for judgment.

Membership is granted by Merrick. Certain guests have been granted NPC, collaring, and other rights.

All members of the Post are to practice their trade/caste. This isn't a room where you simply sit by the main fire. Goreans took pride in their trade/caste. You should do the same.

Members may play/use NPC characters, including animals such as sleen and tarns, to enhance the roleplay and during captures.

Any new roleplayer is expected to use one posts to reach the Post, including Free Women. Returning roleplayers may continue from where you last left off.

Men are welcome to trade and rest. If you bring a Free Woman or slave with you then you are responsible for their actions. You do not have to disarm upon entering the post but must respect the home and its rules.

Panther girls, Talunas, and outlaws may visit the village for trade and will be welcomed as long as you show the village and its members proper respect. Treat those of the village as you would expect to be treated, or risk your neck. We encourage panthergirl trade for information, prisoners, and goods.

The Black Caste may enter wearing a mark, but due to past story history from book "Witness of Gor" are not allowed to hunt here without prior communication with the room. Failure to do so will result in an invalid role play.

Visiting collared slaves, escorted or not by their owner, will be safe. We are not out to steal slaves of other homes. If you misbehave you will be caged unless a Safe Travel/Trade Treaty has been established.

This is a modified kill/capture/collar zone as clarified below. We do not follow mirror rules. If you enter here, you are subject to our rules as we would be subject to yours in your home.

Death combat is with the agreement of all parties involved. Prodigy, 3 action, or 5 action posts are all valid for combat and action sequences. Open combat in the forests will follow 3 action rules as it makes for cleaner OC. Once you pick one, continue through the scene.

Raids are to be discussed prior to engaging. We have done fun raiding in the past.

Captures within wild areas are allowed. Non-members must make 2 posts to get to target and another 2 posts to exit. Members and guests granted status within the Post must also make 2 posts to get to their targets but may only use 1 post to exit to the Post or ship.

Captures within the Post itself and nearby pulldowns are by Members only. These can be permanent.

Captures by non-members will last 3 days for members and 5 days for non-members in wild areas. Captives must stay in the room during the duration. Auto-combat captures are for fun. Roll with it. These will last for 2 days for everyone or until a roleplay action can free you.

Collaring will follow the above capture rules, with the added logic that any wearing lower case names, observers (o's), or any without tags should not assume they will be safe. This includes stories and/or actions that began outside of the room. Assume we will roll with you and respond in kind. If you have a story that leads to one of the people getting collared, we will allow it.

The observer tag is not a shield in the Post. If you wish to observe, enter the room and watch but take a proper name. If spoken to speak back or be subject to be asked to leave. We have and will collar observers if seems like the thing to do. Dots, anons, and anything else not resembling a name will be warned to take one then booted if our request is ignored.

Barenecks are subject to being collared after some roleplay, which can be forced. Ignorance of the rules of the Post will not save you as everyone should read these before entering role play.

Messengers for the Post must be in a Gorean name and with "Yellow Slashed Messenger" in tags.

Outside messenger applications (Skype, Yahoo, etc) is NOT Gor. Nothing on them will be brought in to the post. Period. Leave the drama at the door or be subject to being booted and possibly banned.

Even if it's not listed as a rule, we still expect reason, logic, and fairness to be the guideline to make sure the room runs well, is fun, and we avoid drama.



This room maintained by: Merrick.
Northern Winds Trading Post is based on the Gor series, with books 6, 7, 26, and 29 being heavy influences.
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