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Welcome to Stirling, Scotland.

Where the people are bonnie, the work is plentiful and the tourist trade keeps everyone's pockets full.

Behind the quaint city charm and historical significance lies a much darker and bloodier tale. A story of monsters, protectors and the great tragedy of lost innocence.

Far beneath the town’s beloved Stirling Castle lies a series of tunnels, chambers, and tombs cut right into the hill that has been used for eons by the Vampire Court and their trusted servants.

The town itself is littered with Witches and Talamasca trying to keep the peace and secrets of the supernatural world from those on the outside of it all because the stakes are high when you’re dealing with the Damned.
Hidden Illusions is intended as a fansite, It is based on the world created in The Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches series. Both series are copyright to Anne Rice. No infringement is intended. All information found within the room and board is the opinion of the Room Owner or Participants.

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