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Membership Options on

*Please note, if you are renewing a membership and have a personal room and/or a private room, you must select the appropriate room fee option to renew those rooms as well.


VIP Membership - $20.00
1 year VIP membership: VIP Membership colour & use of My ImagineChat. For those who want to support the site, but don't need the extras. Can be used to support one room. Can not be used to open a room.

Half Membership - $25.00
6 month membership w/250 MB webspace to store simple files & use of My ImagineChat. Can be used to support two rooms. Can not be used to open a room.

Full Membership - $30.00
1 year membership w/250 MB webspace to store simple files & use of My ImagineChat. Can be used to support two rooms.
Choose the options you wish to include with your membership (you may choose more than one):
1 Personal 10 person Chatroom - must be renewed annually with membership.  - $5.00
1 Private 5 person passworded Chatroom - must be renewed annually with membership.  - $5.00

1 Chat Room - $5.00
I joined, but didn't buy a room and now I want one! Personal or Private. Must hold a full membership.

1 Public Chat Room - $10.00
I've joined. My room has been approved and I have another member's support. This is a one time fee for set up.

I'm getting this membership:
Recipient Username:

Price: $ USD


About ImagineChat Memberships



A few things you should know before you purchase an ImagineChat Membership:

  1. All sales are final. We do not do refunds so be very careful when making your purchase.
  2. Memberships are non-transferable. We will not refund you for remaining time or credit it to someone else. This is not to be confused with outright gifting a membership. We are more than happy to arrange gift memberships for you but they must be purchased for that purpose or be a part of a membership event such as BOGO (buy one get one).
  3. If you are paying by check, please understand that it will take 3-4 business days to process your membership.
  4. Memberships are processed manually. Please allow up to 24 hours for your membership to be activated.
  5. Please be sure to provide the correct ImagineChat user name. The best way to ensure this is to log into My ImagineChat first.

If you have any questions, you can post to the support board or contact Calista or one of the Imaginarians (PII, Holiday) directly through the forums.



Opening a Room on



We now offer three options for opening a home on

  1. Purchasing a year membership and a 10 person PERSONAL room will allow you to open a personal 10 person chatroom on the Personal Property whochat. You will be moderator for your room only. "Personal Property" rooms are still subject to site rules. The room fee of $5 must be renewed with your membership each year.
  2. Members may request to open a public chatroom on the main whochat with up to 3 subrooms and 30 users. It costs a one time fee of $10 and you must have at least one more member's support. The supporting membership & Room Leader's membership must have at least 6 months left on their memberships. The room leader must have a full membership. The membership support must be from 2 separate members: the room leader and someone else. Public chatrooms that go unused for more than 2 months will be moved to the "Personal Property" whochat and their size reduced.
  3. Transfer an existing room from another site: This can be done at no charge to the room and we will honor 2 supporting memberships from the other site: the room owner's and the room owner's choice of member. This will need to be verified with a screen shot of the memberpages on the original site showing the expiration date. Contact Calista through the forums for details. Please note: If you move the room away from IC before the honored membership is up, the honored membership will expire/close with the room. Each membership must be used to support the transferred room, but once renewed, the member may support different rooms.

*All rooms must be requested on the support board for approval by staff. We reserve the right to refuse rooms with inappropriate or illegal content as well as rooms that violate site rules- this goes for personal or public rooms. Rooms & all other benefits expire when memberships expire.

Currently, we accept PayPal payments. Credit card payments may be made through PayPal without joining PayPal.

If you used an alias to register to the site, please email [email protected] with your username so your account can be activated. For questions or assistance, please email [email protected] or visit the site's Support Board. Please try out Imagine Chat before purchasing a membership or room as we offer no refunds.



Moderation on



An excerpt from my training speech for moderators on the site:

My staff here represents the site. Every time a new person comes to Imagine Chat and sees someone in a position of 'authority' them you ARE the site.

Room leaders may request moderation rights for their rooms or request that someone else moderate their room. Currently, all personal room owners may request moderation rights to their rooms alone and are expected to uphold site rules within them as well as their own room rules that do not conflict with site policy.

Room leaders of rooms on the main who chat may also request another moderator per five additional members supporting their room. (New rooms by default are alotted one moderator of the room leader's choice.) Room affiliation may be set in the Profile Editor.

Moderators, regardless of being all over site moderators (shown in red) or room-only moderators (shown in light blue), will all be held to the same standards and are expected to be -above all- kind and welcoming hosts on