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What is this site all about?

This site is all about role play. If you don't know what role play is, click HERE.

I lost my password! Help!

Go HERE,click on "Forgot your password?", enter your username and original Email and it will be emailed again.

 How do I get the � on my posts? How do I get the big red "M" there too?

By entering the room using your registered username, password and your EXACT screen name that you selected, you will show up as a 'registered' member. The Red "M" indicates a site moderator.

 Do I have to be a member to chat here?

No, but memberships are offered for those who would like to support the site. Money from premium memberships goes towards maintenance, bandwidth and hosting fees.   Membership does have benefits. For more information, click here. Registration is no longer required to enter most of the rooms, however there are some rooms that require it and you will have to register in order to join. You can do so HERE.

 How can I get those funky characters everyone uses in their names?

Go to your start menu, choose 'Programs', 'Acessories', 'System Tools' and then 'Character Map'. Choose a font like "Arial Narrow" or "Verdana" or "Times New Roman" from the font selection and you'll see a listing of different �h�r�cter�. Select the character you want and click twice, it will appear in the "characters to copy" screen. Select "Copy" and use CTRL "v" to paste them into the room entrance box for your name. Spell out your character name and you're done.

I have the funky characters, but they won't work/ they mess me up in the room. How can I fix this?

Internet Explorer:
Go to "Tools"
Go to "Internet Options"
Choose the "Advanced" tab
Click on send URLS as UTF-8- OFF

There's all these people in the room just *chatting*. I thought this was a RP site?

OOC chatting is a fact of online roleplay. There are several ways to handle situations like these.

The first and simplest is to contact those doing it in private and ask them nicely to RP or to at least 'chat' in private. Most folks, when approached nicely, will respond nicely. If this does not work, click on the 'config' button beneath the 'Message:' field in the top frame. Highlight the offending person's name in the "Ignore the following people" field and click 'reload'. When you return, you will no longer see that person's posts. To select more than one person, hold down your control button on your keyboard and click on the people you wish to ignore, then reload. The second way is to contact a mod.

 How do I get a moderator to help me with a problem in the rooms?

Open another browser and look at the "Users Online" page, Moderator names appear in red.  Go into the room they are in and privately whisper to them, explaining briefly the problem and where it is. "Permission" to PM is unneccesary.

 How do I display an image?

Any images to be displayed must reside on a web server somewhere on the Internet. They can not be displayed from your own hard drive unless you are running a web server (this is not the same as a web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer). In general, it is only usefull to diplay images which are in GIF or JPG format. Suppose the image you want to display is named vampire.gif and it resides on the machine in the folder images To display the image type the following HTML command into the message window in your chat session <img src="">

For more information on HTML commands that will work in the rooms, click HERE.

 How do I determine my IP number?

Click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
Click on Run on the popup menu
Type winipcfg into the Open text area
Click on the OK button
Read the IP Address from the popup menu

How do I open my own room?

Imagine Chat rooms must be approved by staff, but two friends with one year memberships, are relatively easy to open. Click Here for more information.

How do I become a moderator?

Whenever a new room opens, the members that pooled together to create the room may choose who they wish to moderate their room. This is subject to final staff approval.